The Chimes at Midnight
Friday, August 28, 2015
I have to give Vester Lee Flanagan a great deal of demonic credit,
the late murderer seemingly crafted The Perfect Homicide in terms of beguiling and ensnaring social media and the news industry in general. That part of the whole plan was well thought out indeed, as a grotesque manipulator of our collective desire to watch revolting willful acts, Flanagan ranks right up there with ISIS in his murderous stagecraft. Ah but even vengeful ex television personalities cannot escape the Law of Unintended Consequences because by Sunday this will be all about a Black Gay Man's garish will to slaughter....the wellsprings of his so called rage will be passed over to say nothing of how a genuine raving lunatic can get access to firearms sans the slightest demure in this country. In other words the gaudy identity politics of it all will get Center Stage...the fact that we are booking off gruesome massacres like this on a nigh biweekly basis will be passed over in Silence! Count on it. I don't know what to tell my admittedly tiny readership save to note that we are well past the point of no return with the sheer saturation of guns in this country....and if the tendency to deliberately target unarmed cohorts continues unabated then we will rapidly come down to a question of sheer personal survival. And trust me on this "Every citizen for his or her own self" IS NOT an environment where democracy may long survive....


Wednesday, August 26, 2015
Apropos of Nothing....
But Ex Hero and former Red Sox Hurler Curt Schilling apparently own a huge collection of "WW II Memorabilia" including a number of SS Uniforms. I promise you, he has tried them on, check for the high polished jackboots it is a dead giveaway.....


Tuesday, August 25, 2015
I have to be "For Something"....
(I mean other than cheap pleasing whiskey) and I find I am For Extending the Green Line to Union Square Somerville...yes the cry goes up in opposition to "Yupification", but thats a process that has already begun in and around Union Square and naught can be done to stop it. Moreover those hills are a vast barracks and nursery studded with young families who might just make Somerville their permanent address if they have access to better Mass Transit in and out of Boston. Alas this is Charlie Baker we are talking about and with the revelation today that the project is entailing cost over runs it seems likely that the Governor will do has he has done in the past and "Declare Defeat and Get Out". That has pretty much been his Mass Transit MO all year and one doubts he will change his tune now....which is a goddamned shame because Somerville is vastly overcrowded and is but barely tapped by the Red Line, a better more robust rail option ought to be available to the citizenry.
Monday, August 24, 2015
The Pokemon Massacre (that wasn't...)
Law enforcement has intercepted two ne'er do wells on their their way to allegedly shooting up a big Pokemon Tourney at the Hynes this weekend. Well...let me reiterate a point amidst the nervous riduculousness and that is as long as the Psychiatrists at the NRA are asserting that stockpiling firearms is an acceptable treatment for anxiety, neurosis and even schizophrenia....then we will see more incidents like this and far more successfully executed as well. Just saying folks....we are saturated with two things in America, firearms and nut bags...its a wonder this doesn't happen three times a day seven days a week.
Saturday, August 22, 2015
Looking forward to that pending
Jeff Jacoby column where he expunges the last of his pride and explains to his readership why "Anchor Babies" are a bad wrong evil phenomenon.
Wednesday, August 19, 2015
President Erdogan in Turkey
has lost his majority in parliament and will likely have to call new elections this fall amidst the usual "mounting violence". I don't like or trust the man, but I think we write his political obituary at our peril, he seems to have that "Netanyahu/Cameron quality" in that he embodies the best of all the bad alternatives. He wants a theocratic society in Turkey of all places, like that has worked so well anywhere in the religion....
Monday, August 17, 2015
Rick Perry has stopped paying certain staffers....
Which is a sure sign that he is on his last legs and will be bowing out soon. Winning in a seventeen candidate field requires money or volunteers (preferably both) and Rick has neither at this point. I'm guessing the pressure is on to arrange a decent exit around Labor Day...and then it will be "game on" to secure his endorsement. Thats where Governor Perry's worth will go up however temporarily, he is too stupid to be a credible VP prospect (which is anomaly in today's GOP believe me) otherwise. I wonder what his "asking price is"? Otherwise the fact that Rick is low on $ means the GOP fundraising matrix is shifting, clearly capital is trying to find a credible "Anti-Trump" and that means more going to fewer potential candidates, seeing some fundraising numbers right about now would be interesting indeed.

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