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Sunday, February 24, 2013
10th Anniversary...
And I don't know what to do, it has been a very very fun ride to be sure, but lets face facts shall we, the Chimes at Midnight is the very picture definition of an acquired taste in a niche market. I think Humble Elias has a hiatus coming to him, six days a week for ten years seems like a good time to sound the klaxon for a coffee break so to speak.
Friday, February 22, 2013
The conservative punditariat is in a lather
because the normally circumspect Congressman Ed Markey went out to Pittsfield Ma and compared the wrongfulness of the Supreme Court's "Citizen's United" decision to the wrongfulness of the "Dred Scott Decision". It was hardly Lincoln's "Peoria Speech" on the part of Citizen Markey but he made plain his opposition, Abe Lincoln was much more graphic about "Dred Scott" BTW he went up and down Illinois saying in effect that Slavery was being Imposed on the North by Southern Judicial Fiat. Just in case any of you were wondering... I abolsutely guarantee you that for the past thirty years Ed Markey has had to sit at his desk in the US House and listen politely to GOP Demagogues ranting and raving like rabid fisher cats to the effect that "Rowe V. Wade" was every bit as wicked a Supreme Court ruling as "Dred Scott". I myself have heard more than a few Catholic Priests utter the exact same sentiments in various pulpits from Florida to Menotomy Mass and up to Goffstown New Hampshire before I finally threw in the sponge on that habit. So to me, no harm no foul, but then Markey is no skilled user of rhetoric and never has been so the usual suspects are lyaing for him hoping for easy eats'.


Thursday, February 21, 2013
The Globe for Sale...again?
Who is gonna buy it? Cashman's wife? Ernie Boch Jr....Bill Cosby, Ben Affleck? Its a question of who is local and has "mad money" to spend on what is after all, a much beloved antique. I think sometimes we forget that Boston is dug in and holding the last nigh desperately on a glorious lost cause, which to say the Two-Newspaper Town...There are few of them out there these days and all are doomed to extinction at some point or another. So we have been lucky but soon enough our luck runs out, exactly what replaces the newspaper template I cannot say, there are tons of sources of news out there, but how many are credible? Its a cold wind out there blowing for anyone in the floppy news biz today, for all my "sarcastic rant driven chatter", y'all have my sympathies. Hang in there....
The Globe AND The Herald have both
fallen like a ton of bricks for the current buzzfeed about Cardinal Sean O'Malley's pontifical chances at the upcoming Conclave. It is nothing but cheap heat of the Herman Cain variety, the Cardinals for reasons of geopolitics alone would never go for an American Pope, unless their backs were up against the wall. But Morrissey Blvd and One Herald Square are naive that way and so they fall for the bait, hell I can recall Cardinal Medeiros coming in for a little of that positive buzz prior to the two Conclaves in 1978. The College of Cardinals historically eschews transparency so these sorts of stories have to be expected, the Italian Media are past masters of tossing Potential Papacies around with airy abandon, the local papers of course eat it up. I still think the fix is in, exactly who I can't say...But Pope Benedict is a consummate Vatican Insider (and a bit of a sneak) and I doubt he'd abdicate without having secured the succession in a manner that safeguards his own interests.
Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Four Days until
This, The Little Blog That Cried's tenth anniversary. Dunno kids it might be time to quit while I am ahead. Look at all the other serious Massachusetts political blogs they've either evolved into social media sites or gotten monetized or whatever, single combat blogging such as practiced by Humble Elias is sheer anachronism. Four once I invite input from my aud, all seven of you....
Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Late word comes to us that the
NH State Legislature is conjuring with legalizing casino gambling in the Granite State thus to chip off a few high rollers from the affluent communities of Lowell & Chelmsford with a nice second rate gambling joint in the Southern Tier. I have to ask, is there a state legislature left in the USA that is NOT infected with this "pimp mentality" when it comes to casino gambling? And not for nothing but the NH State Legislature normally violently rejects any SENSIBLE policy laid down in Massachusetts, why do they have to glom onto this legalized gambling nonsense? The answer to that is simple from the days of the Five Hundred that Ruled Athens in the age of Socrates til Today no sovereign legislature has ever resisted the lure of easy revenues...even if it means paying unknown costs social and political down the line. "Money now, beats money later" or so the chorus goes up from freeper and progressive alike...well I wish all and sundry the Joy of It.
Monday, February 18, 2013
Take a look at this picture of
Harry Truman campaigning for re-election in Boston back in 1948. For a man presiding over a three way split in the democratic party, Truman managed to effect some unity in Massachusetts, that is John McCormack, James Michael Curley and Paul Dever all smiles and Wild About Harry as well. Normally that lot all hated one another... My Mother and Late Father, (back when they were merely affiance'd) tried to get into the big rally in Mechanic's Hall that night, damn thing sold out, packed house, they had to be content watching it on TV in a nearby tavern. Which is when my Father openly predicted that Truman (then rated a "dead duck") would beat Dewey like a rented government mule. If you think on it, we've all got our "Presidential Stories" Happy President's Day to All.

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